PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Sembawang Blk 786b (kn)

Block 786b Woodlands Dr 60, #0
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The path of self-discovery

On top of the academic curriculum, PCF Sembawang 786B also focuses on their Young Creative Science Investigation (Young CSI) and Music in Education. They are integrated into the curriculum as it is not only a fun way to learn, but students also get to understand better through self-discovery. The activities done are based on the theme that the students are learning.

Young CSI

Students get to have a hands-on experience on what they are learning to have a better understanding. For instance, when learning about the lungs, the students do an experiment using bottles and balloons to understand how the lung works. “Discovery is very good for children in their learning,” said Mrs Alice Lee, Principal of PCF Sembawang Blk 786B. These hands-on experiments can also build interest from young and the students can learn in several other areas – development of interaction, interact with friends and engaging in a discussion, and also a sense of curiosity – which provides a holistic development in children’s growth.

Music in Education

The centre uses Music Toolbox and through music, the students can also learn about numeracy and language. As they sing and learn the words, the students can remember the words better with the catchy tune, instruments, and actions. Students can share their ideas and actions to the class and after which, the class will follow it which helps to build the students’ confidence and interaction skills.

Parents play a part too!

The teachers and principal in the centre have good relationships with parents. “Teachers are like friends,” commented Ms Gay, a guardian of a K2 student. The parents and principal work closely together to make sure that their child is happy, comfortable, and provide the best for the children.

The centre also provides various activities with parents’ involvement regardless of whether they are in the parents support group or not. Some of such activities are: school trips that take place once a semester; home project where the students take home project and do it together with their parents; concert performed by graduating students, where parents help out with the dressing up and makeup; and even in community participation. PCF Sembawang 786B has collaborated events with North-West Community Development Council (NWCDC) such as brisk walk and invited parents to join. Through these events, parents can not only bond with their children but also with the teachers and principal.

Healthy eating

To promote healthy eating to the students, every Mondays, Vitagen are given to students who ordered them and every first Friday of the month is the Fun Fruit Friday. The parents support group will help out in the Fun Fruit Friday to cut the fruits for the students and these fruits are brought by the students to share.


FLAiR is a learning support program for K2 students who are weaker in English. The program takes place daily, in a smaller group so students will be more focused on individually. FLAiR focuses on literacy – reading and writing – to build up their language so that they can cope well when they enter Primary 1.

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