Pat's Schoolhouse @ Buckley Centre (BU)

7 Buckley Road
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Pat’s Schoolhouse @ Buckley is at a central location, making it convenient for many parents to drop-off and pick up their child. As you enter Pat’s Schoolhouse – Buckley, you will be greeted with a large colourful playground. This reflects the philosophy of Pat’s Schoolhouse that learning should be fun, hands-on as well as intellectually challenging. This is further emphasized as you enter the different classrooms that are decorated by the multiple art work created by students of various ages.

Pat’s Schoolhouse – Buckley organizes many different events throughout the year for the different level of children. Playgroups will have a Letterland Game Day. This provides a more intimate and fun setting for the children to learn. Starting from playgroup, the children are exposed to Letterland that teaches them phonics, sounds and characters, and this is a progressive activity from playgroup to K2. Children from Nursery will have a mini concert where their parents will be invited over to enjoy the performance by their children; K1 celebrated Earth Day this year by going to the beach to have a Beach Cleanup and used recycled materials to make a sand castle. K2 will have their annual campover.

What is also unique to Pat’s Schoolhouse is their bilingual immersion core curriculum. This has benefitted the children as they are constantly exposed and encouraged to interact in both English and Chinese Language throughout the day. Classrooms are also decorated with English and Chinese educational aids at all the learning corners. 

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Pat's Schoolhouse @ Buckley Centre (BU)

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