Manisha Kaur Pahjan Singh

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Moulmein-Cairnhill Blk 50 (CC)

Manisha Kaur Pahjan Singh
8 Oct 2021

'We Care, We Share'

We have come to the end of our SSDB Project “We Care, We Share”. Our journey continues to show appreciation, care and love to the people around us. Our centre has worked with 2 Community Partners this year. One is Singapore Food Agency (SFA) and the other is Agency for Integrated Care, Community Chest (AIC). 

‘Food Safety Supermarket Learning Journey’

Unfortunately, due to safe management measures, our supermarket partner does not allow any physical learning journey. However, our teacher conducted her own visit to the supermarket for the children to learn about Food Safety. Children were involved in activities to learn about keeping germs away and healthy/unhealthy habits. Children were also given the ‘Supermarket Booklet’ to complete the tasks in lessons. At the end of the lesson, children were able to identify the 5 key tips on Food Safety and share how they apply their learnings on food safety at home.

‘Caring for the Elderly’

This year, due to the pandemic, we were unable to visit the elderly care centre. However, it did not stop us from caring for the elderly. Children learnt about how to care for the elderly using the Sharity booklet and completed the activities. Children also did cardboard roll gift box for their grandparents at home to cultivate the values of Caring and Sharing. 

Children were involved in packing food items like milo tins and packets, biscuits and coffee packets. At the end of the lesson, children were able to understand about elderly and identity appropriate behaviours when interacting with them. Our centre conducted Virtual Intergenerational with St Luke’s ElderCare Whampoa Centre. Children from N2 - K2 did virtual activities with the elderly such as Yoga poses, Bingo game and Dance performance. The elderly participated actively and enjoyed the dance performances very much!

The programme was a success and the children were very happy to show little acts of kindness by promoting healthy lifestyle and strengthening their relationship with their peers and elderly.

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