Tan Dao Fen

St. James' Church Kindergarten (Harding)

Tan Dao Fen
13 Sep 2018

The Future Begins With Me

Our project ‘The Future Begins With Me’ began as a result of the children’s interest towards news about the environment, like endangered species and the bleaching of the Great Barrier Reef. We decided to create a rap to tell everyone that we can all play a part to care for the earth. The title of the cheer is We Can Save The Earth. What then shall we do to save the earth? Surely we will not be able to save everything! It has to be the important things that we need in our lives! Food, we decided, is important to us. How can the food that we eat be sustainable? What if the supermarkets run out of food one day? What will we do? That was a question that the children asked themselves. That started them off on the journey of setting up their edible garden to grow their own food. During this journey, the children learnt that their food comes from the soil. For many, it was their first time interacting with their food in the natural environment. They learnt that earthworms were useful for their plants. After 7 weeks, children harvested the fruit of their labour. They learnt that planting their own food required much time and dedication but everyone can all take a small step towards self-sufficiency.

What other things are important to us? Water! After the children’s field trip to NEWater, they gained a better understanding of the importance of water and how to care for water. They decided to create a news video to share with everyone 8 water conservation tips. We can all start small to make every drop of water count.

As the project entered the last phase, we concluded that all of us will have to work together to make this happen. “How are we going to bring everyone along?”. We had a fruitful brainstorm session, generated ideas, extended our thoughts on how to gravitate the community towards the same goal. We designed postcards that carry messages of promoting togetherness through building relationships. With the funds that we raised, we hope that we will be able to touch the lives of the less fortunate.

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