Teacher Karen

Carpe Diem Childcare Resort

Teacher Karen
30 Aug 2023

The Endangered Animals

The K2 children of Carpe Diem Childcare Resort learnt about the endangered animals - pandas, koalas and polar bears. Throughout the whole term, the class discovered the animal’s habitats, diets, and reasons how they were considered as endangered animals. 

The children also learnt about the wild cats like eurasian lynx, tigers, and went back home to research about it to share in our class for a show and tell.

Before we ended the term, we brought the children to the River Wonders with some parent volunteers for a Celebration of Learning. We also took this chance to identify more endangered animals and what are the ways we can help to lessen the number of animals in the endangered lists.

Throughout the whole term, we were able to inculcate love and concern for the animals; and make children understand how our small actions can create a big impact to the environment. ♥️

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