Sunflower Preschool @ Frankel

2 Sep 2021

Sunflower Preschool @ Frankel SSDB collaboration with Metta School on an inclusive society

In this year’s Start Small Dream Big project, Sunflower Preschool @ Frankel continued our partnership with Metta School to build a digitally inclusive society.

Previously, our N2 to K2 children performed in a Kamishibai story video titled ‘Andrew’s Uniqueness’ to show their support for the inclusive community. Thereafter, we invited our parents to be a part of this meaningful project by creating story puppets with their children for our Metta friends as learning resources. Through a Zoom virtual session, we were excited to share our Kamishibai story video with our Metta friends. Our children also had the opportunity to present their story puppets to Metta School. Finally, the session ended with a fun friendship dance between two schools. The children had lots of fun and were happy to see their friends from Metta through a digital platform.

The continued collaboration with Metta School develops our children’s awareness and acceptance of diversity and inclusivity. They are more inclined to social inclusion and that can promote a more empathetic and prosperous community.

Handmade puppets by our parents and children presented to Metta School.

The children were proud and excited to share their puppets with their friends in Metta School.

Photos of our children working on the puppets with their parents at home.

A wonderful Zoom session to connect our children with their friends in Metta School.

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