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Nur Hazwani Bte Johari
5 Aug

Start Small Dream Big - Completion of Donation Drive!

We completed the collection of our Donation Drive in collaboration with Sengkang General Hospital (SKH) on the 30th June and received a tremendous amount of donations from parents! We then packed all the items into boxes and managed to compile a total of 17 boxes of food donations 😊 

Here are all the food items donated and the boxes that we have compiled them into. Thank you for your contrubutions parents! :-)

After which, we then set a date for all the items to be delivered over to Sengkang General Hospital. We also asked for a parent volunteer to send the boxes over. We’re so thankful that a parent agreed to send the items over using their personal transport! 

On the 24th July, we carried all the boxes and loaded them onto the lorry and drove over to Sengkang General Hospital. Once there, we met the person-in-charge and passed the items over to him. 

Other than just food donations, we also got the children from the three different levels (Nursery, Kindergarten 1 & 2) to create artworks for the frontliners! We’re so happy that we got to do this little deed for the frontliners and we will always be grateful towards them! 

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