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MindChamps @Yio Chu Kang
30 Jul

Start Small Dream Big 2020 Mindchamps @ Yio Chu Kang - Showing appreciation to COVID-19 front-liners

Building on their interest in the current COVID-19 situation, our K1 Champs asked the teacher on how the doctors and nurses protect themselves while attending to the COVID-19 patients.

With reference to photos, our Champs could see that the doctors and nurses put on protection gear at work. To understand and relate a little bit more to the doctors’ and nurses’ experiences, our Champs dressed up in similar protection gear. They commented that the doctors are very kind as the protection gears were uncomfortable.

With that, the Champs decided to write letters to express their gratitude to the front liners to cheer them on! The letters were sent to BraveHeart SG, who passed them to various hospitals and healthcare personnel. We hope the letters brightened up their days!

On top of that, our Champs dedicated their wishes on our wishing tree to the front liners. Their wishes include, “Please take care of yourself”, “Wear mask and stay safe”, and “Be healthy. Eat more vegetables and fruits.”

Sadly, due to the implementation of the circuit breaker, our Champs had to stay home for home-based learning. However, that did not stop them from staying concern and updated on the COVID-19 situation. Our Champs learned that front liners do not only consist of the doctors and nurses, but also the policeman, ICA officers, cleaners, and preschool teachers, etc.

The front liners have bravely taken up risks and made sacrifices to protect everyone during this difficult period. Our Champs further expressed their appreciation by staying at home and, practicing the “Fight Song” by Rachel Platten to dedicate it to the front liners.

We hope that this little gesture from us can help build “a lot of fight” in our frontline heroes!

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