Teacher Rin

Little Footprints Preschool (Woodlands)

Teacher Rin
12 Apr

SSDB Virtual Launch - Little Footprints Preschool @ Woodlands 551

On 7th April 2021, Little Footprints Preschool at Woodlands 551 kickstarted our Start Small, Dream Big (SSDB) Project with a virtual launch. The theme for this year is “Stay Connected, Make a Difference”. This year, we will be partnering with a new organisation, Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) as we believe they are important members of our society too. Prior to the launch, children were introduced to our project through introducing to them about SSDB and SPCA. We took a sneak peek into our SSDB Resource Kit and parents were also involved through kindly contributing items such as newspapers, pet toys, cat/dog food and old towels which are a continued need at the animal shelter. After that, we came together to brainstorm on ways we can spread awareness about the importance of taking care of animals and pets. We have exciting things planned and we look forward to embarking on our SSDB journey!

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