Nurain Binte Rahamat

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Pasir Ris West Blk 517 (KN)

Nurain Binte Rahamat
23 Sep 2021

SSDB Project Finale- Little Hands, BIG hearts ♥️

Parental Involvement during the March Holidays

Children had to design a tote bag that will be used to pack the donated food items for our project. Children have been introduced to the elements of Arts such as lines and dots during their Art lesson, therefore it is a good opportunity for children to practice designing lines or dots on their tote bag.

To include digital technology…

On the 25th March 2021, N2 children had a zoom session with a Foodbanker name Ms Jessie. She shared about food wastage in Singapore and inculcate a sense of volunteerism from young.

On 6th August, children created a red and white shaker to dance along to this year National Day theme song.

Children enjoyed colouring the SSDB resource pack where they learn to care deeply and share freely with Sharity and friends.

In collaboration with Food Bank Singapore to start a food drive for the under privileged, we seek parents’ help and support in the donation of food items. We were overwhelmed by the generous amount of food items contributed by the N2 parents who very supportive of the foodbank drive.

Children assisted by packing the food items in their nicely-designed tote bags and transferring it into the carton boxes.

Food donations boxes were then picked up by the people of Food Bank Singapore where they will then disseminate the food donations to the less fortunate in Singapore.

This Food Bank Drive project gives the young children a chance to understand the importance of helping others and appreciate things that they have, a sense of accomplishment can be felt for doing a good deed throughout the month. 

It is also an eye-opening experience for them and help them understand how lucky and blessed they are everyday. They also learn to appreciate the food on their tables even more and always kept in mind to ”Love food, avoid waste.”

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