Nur Azura Binti Wahid

Modern Montessori International Preschool (Thomson)

Nur Azura Binti Wahid
30 Sep 2020

SSDB PROJECT 2020: Kindness

The theme for this year’s SSDB is “A Caring and Inclusive Home for All.” We have decided to embark on the topic of “Kindness.” Children learned about the importance of kindness and ways to show kindness all around.

We organized a Charity Drive, and collaborated with The Salvation Army, Haven. Our parents donated items such as board games, stationaries and food items.

Before the Charity Drive, children worked on the resources provided by Kindsville - Singapore Kindness Movement. They enjoyed reading the Singa and friends story! They had fun doing the colourful painting of the ‘Thank You’ card.

The children designed tote bags and photo frames to be given to the children at Haven.

The process of designing the tote bags, children used the various Montessori materials: insets for design, leaf cabinet and geometric drawers. Another exciting activity was when the children were decorating the photo frames using colourful beads. Lastly, children worked together to prepare the heartfelt tags with inspirational quotes.

The children helped to pack the items into the tote bags. They took turns in sorting the items into two categories: snack items and stationaries.

As part of the Parental Involvement, selected parents were glad to be on board to join us in delivering the goods to The Salvation Army, Haven.


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