Nur Rashidah Humairah Binte Jais

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Jurong Spring Blk 553 (CC)

Nur Rashidah Humairah Binte Jais
20 May

SSDB Launch at PCF Sparkletots @ Jurong Spring Blk 553 - We As One!

PCF Sparkletots @ Jurong Spring Blk 553 have launched our SSDB 2023 project and we will be embarking on the theme, “Together As One!”. We strive to create awareness of an inclusive environment and cultivate an understanding and acceptance towards people who are different. We would like to instill this practice of showing care, empathy and respect towards them too. 

To kickstart the project, children were all dressed in different types of bottom with their school uniform top to signify that, people can be different in some ways, but we are all the same in another. We then get the children to be engaged in various activities like recognising the different exceptional needs and people with different impairments and singing a song using sign language to experience people who have difficulty in having conversation through speech. The children also get to explore using their sense of touch, smell and hearing to experience what it is like for people who have difficulty using their sight for everyday life.  

All in all, we are excited to explore on the theme that we have chosen and spread awareness to our children!

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