Clare Yeo

First Steps Preschool @ Sengkang

Clare Yeo
29 Mar 2017

SSDB @ Initium Academy

As this is the first time we are embarking on a Start Small Dream Big project, we started it off with a discussion with our K1 & K2 children on what the Start Small Dream Big is all about!

  1. The children were each given a small amount of water in a cup with their names written on them.

  2. They were then prompted with open-ended questions revolving around whether the amount of water each of them held was enough to help someone or an animal who was thirsty. 

  3. Later, they were asked to pour in their share of water one at a time into a bigger bowl labelled “Dream Big”.

From this activity, the children drew the conclusion that:

There is only so much they can do alone, but together they can do something great for others!

Together we can “Heal the World”!

From here, the children got their ideas penned down on a large piece of Mahjong paper on what they would like to do for the SSDB project. Every child got a turn to share an idea they had.

When all the suggestions were gathered, 4 key ideas were drawn from the responses.

These 4 key ideas were:

  • Giving food to people with no money

  • To pick up litter and make the Earth more beautiful 

  • To plant vegetables for the animals to eat 

  • To grow flowers and give them out to people to make them happy 

Based on these key ideas, the children voted using the same name labeled cups by lining them on the project they wished to embark on for this year’s SSDB project. 

And so the final results were out that 11 out of 20 children voted to…

Plant vegetables to feed to the animals as Initium Academy’s SSDB Project for 2017!

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