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MindChamps PreSchool @ Yio Chu Kang

MindChamps @Yio Chu Kang
9 Nov

SSDB Finale (MindChamps Yio Chu Kang)

Champs have finally come to the end of their SSDB project! They managed to sell their canvas bags to their parents and at the same time, promote responsible pet ownership! This fund raising activity involved every Champ in MindChamps YCK - from PG to K2 classes, Champs designed a canvas bag to participate and contribute to this project.

Champs were proud to witness the completion and success of their project. They were able to raise a significant amount of funds which was donated to CAS (Causes for Animals). Pets (such as dogs and tortoises) belonging to this animal home will absolutely benefit from the raised funds.

As a culminating activity, Champs collected their certificates and took pictures. They also made a pledge/oath to become responsible pet owners. This was a remarkable journey, indeed

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