Santos Jenny Rosea

Bright Juniors @ Jurong East

Santos Jenny Rosea
31 Aug 2019

SSDB FINALE: Fest-ABILITY of InclUSion where everyone counts.

Now that the children are well aware of the different disabilities, it’s time for them to share that awareness and understanding to others. The K1 and the K2 children prepared a Carnival to bring across these awareness and understanding to the smallest unit of the society with the hope that this simple act will reach a bigger platform in the future.

The program started with some sharing from the parents about the project.

One segment is where the children teach the audience some basic sign language such as ‘Goodbye’ and ‘Good morning’.

They also prepared a song signing performance.

In addition, there were different booths created by the children that let others discover and have the experiences to problem-solve using one’s unique strength. Not only that, the proceeds of our carnival event will go to the children and youths of the Asian Women’s Welfare Association (AWWA) under the “My President Challenge” Singapore.

The children and parents were having fun at each booth.

But of course, the project wouldn’t make it this far and a success without our dear parents who are always there to give us continued support. You made a difference too. 👏🏻

An appreciation certificate was given to all the parents of K1 and K2 students

Congratulations to each and everyone of us! A day of celebrating our different abilities to achieve an inclusive society!

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