Woo Ya Ting Fae

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Tampines Changkat Blk 358 (KN)

Woo Ya Ting Fae
24 Oct 2023

SSDB 2023: We are different, we are the same

The K1 children in the centre gained more awareness about people with disabilities after a talk by SPD Singapore, who shared about the types of disabilities and how we can help them. The children, in their discussions after the talk, came to a conclusion that all people, even people with disabilities, are merely all different and in that way it makes us the same.

The children suggested making a gift for the beneficiaries in SPD Singapore’s Day Activity Centre. Over the course of a week, they carefully sculpted and created their favourite things using clay, such as rainbows, flowers, vehicles and animals, hoping to spread happiness, joy and love to the beneficiaries.

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