Tolentino Winchester Magday

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Teck Ghee Blk 310A (CC)

Tolentino Winchester Magday
16 Oct 2023

SSDB 2023: “A Healthy Ocean Starts With Me!”

The K1 children has started their ‘Start Small, Dream Big’ project for this year with the main theme ‘A Healthy Ocean Starts With Me!’. We launched this project by watching meaningful videos about the harmful effects of water pollution to marine life to raise children’s awareness to the topic. They also pledged to help save marine life and the oceans by signing their names and ticking all the helpful things they can do to prevent water pollution on their own pledge certificates.

For follow-up activity, and to enlighten children more about real-life sea creatures, the K1 class went on an exciting excursion to the Sea Aquarium. This is a guided tour in the aquarium with a knowledgeable staff giving children trivias and facts about the marine creatures as they roam around the premises. The children wore badges, learned and sang chants about marine creatures, had real-life encounters with sea stars and a lot more. Everyone definitely enjoyed going to the Sea Aquarium where children appreciated the wonders of marine life and pledged to help preserve them in their own little ways.

The children were also visited by the Sea Aquarium staffs as a continuation of learning from their recent excursion to the Sea Aquarium. The Sea Aquarium visitors showed the children some slides about the most common sea creatures, what food they consume and what habitat they live in under the ocean. The visitors also gave emphasis on the water pollution happening nowadays and what harmful effects they have for all the sea creatures. The children drew meaningful posters on what they could do to help prevent water pollution as well preserve the lives of the marine animals. The children enjoyed creating their posters as a class with the guidance of the Sea Aquarium visitors and their respective teachers.

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