Nur Syazana Binte Selamat

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Tampines West Blk 942 (CC)

Nur Syazana Binte Selamat
29 Sep

SSDB 2020- Appreciate Our Fire Fighters

The children learnt that our Firefighters help to put out the fire and attend to any emergency needs from the public. They are responsible people who help a lot in the community. The children learnt to appreciate their hardwork in keeping us safe and protected.

It’s not an easy task to do. They wear heavy uniform and they run towards the fire bravely. Fire break out is a dangerous circumstances in any unpredictable surroundings that firefighters face every day. We are grateful to have the firefighters as they save lives, lives of those we love ahead of their own.

For their courage and commitment to the service and the sacrifice they make, all firefighters and first-responder are hereos in our eyes.

Presenting our very own scrapbook made by teachers and children from PCF Tampines West Blk 942 (CC). This scrapbook shows the process of our SSDB project where children made different artworks such as handmade thank you cards, a fire truck model, a ‘thank you’ flower pot and a ‘building on fire’ model. Children also played a game called ‘fire attack!’ where children used bean bags to throw down a stack of paper cups with a picture of a fire pasted on it.

Presenting our children doing our very own SSDB cheer!

We are doing these activities for the children to appreciate our Firefighters and rescue department and their hardwork to keep Singapore a safe country.

Let us share and spread the awareness of appreciating the firefighter especially through this tough time. A very big thank you to them for keeping our community safe!

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