Shazana Lim (Lin Shanna)

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Henderson-Dawson Blk 59 (CC)

Shazana Lim (Lin Shanna)
2 Sep 2019

SSDB 2019 - Growing Kindness

Our SSDB project is taping on the #MyDollarStory which is an initiative by the Character and Leadership Academy, and FutuReady Asia.

The project aims to promote the spirit of giving by paying it forward. A dollar is given to the individual, and he or she can choose to keep it for someone, give it away to someone who needs it, or multiply the amount to give/buy something.

Our children use their dollar to purchase a set of planting materials and aims to take care of this plant until it grows.

Through this project, we aim to cultivate kindness in our children through caring for the nature and giving back to society.

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