Jamilah Binte Pungot

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Geylang Serai Blk 11 (KN)

Jamilah Binte Pungot
28 Aug 2018

SSDB 2018: Performing Arts and Fundraising Fiesta @ Geylang Serai

On 4th August 2018, PCF SPARKLETOTS PRESCHOOL @ Geylang Serai Blk 11 organised an SSDB Closure Program cum Fund-tertainment to raise funds for President’s Challenge Charity.

The Preparation

Weeks before leading the big event, children practised their performances with the theme of ‘Children’s Songs and Nursery Rhymes’. They also helped to do up their costumes and their music instruments using recycled materials.

In relation to the Performing Arts project, children get to display their creativity as they happily do the different craft works using variety of art materials and art techniques.

The ‘Big Day’

During the event, Parents and their family were invited to witness the performance of their children.

In conjunction with the Singapore National Day, K1 and K2 children did a finale performance through a remix of national day songs in various languages.

Artwork Sales

The 3D craft, paintings inspired by famous and talented artists, picture frames and batik paintings were displayed and sold during the event. We had some children to help us to sell the craft works.

Food Fair

To raise funds, we prepared some snacks to be sold for this day. Parents and children did not only enjoy eating healthy snacks but also they feel great knowing they could help contribute to the society.

Games Fair

And of course, the fun event will be more FUN if there are games. We have prepared some booths where parents and children could bond at.

Overall, the Parents/Family enjoyed their child’s performance. They had good time at the Fund-tertaiment Day too!

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