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6 Aug

Rescued Is Our Favourite Breed Part 3

Start Small Dream Big (SSDB): Part 3

Since June 2022, Enfant welcomed the Guinea Pigs as our school pets, specifically for the K2 children in their engagement with the SSDB project titled “RESCUED is our Favourite Breed”.

We have entered our fourth month since the launch of this project. All children in school took a glance at the guinea pigs and were excited to observe and learn more about them!

The K2 children took a bigger role. They discussed the names for the guinea pigs, voted and concluded on ‘Sonic’ and ‘Furry’. While these two guinea pigs certainly made an impact on everyone in school, one thing we’ll like to share is that they are actually a pair of mother and daughter!

Sonic (4 years old) and Furry (3 years old) have kept our K2s busier but happier in class! The children discussed, negotiated and problem solved to come up with the feeding and cleaning schedule for their pets. Some of the routines include changing their beddings, feeding, and of course, playing with them in their playpen!

We’re happy that the K2 children have been able to reflect and express the importance of pet responsibility in recent months. It was clearly reflected in their actions such as ensuring that Sonic and Furry has enough food and vitamins for the day!

Cleaning their cage and changing their beddings were certainly an eye opener not only for the children but the teachers too!

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