Gan Si Min

Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse @ Newton

Gan Si Min
11 May 2019

Paws In Hands: Dog Interaction

Guan Ling, a volunteer from the dog shelter, Causes For Animals, came over to Kiddiwinkie, Newton with Miki, an eight year-old schnauzer, to spend an afternoon together with the K1 and K2!

The place, animal shelter, was introduced to the children and the idea of adopt, don’t shop, was presented as well. Guan Ling asked were there anyone interested to have a pet and quite a number of children raised their hands. She then emphasise on the responsibilities a pet owner has. “It’s not just all fun and play. You have to care for them for their entire life.”

One of our students asked why do we have to care for them for their whole life and it was explained that we are all they have in life. If we do not care for them, who will?

Guan Ling then shared the story of Miki, who was left at the shelter because the previous owner bought him on impulse, thinking that he was cute. But Miki spent the next five years in a cage because the previous owner had no time to care for him. He was finally rescued after the shelter was notified.

Now Miki is a happier dog in his new home!

After the sharing, the K1 and K2 had the opportunity to have a close interaction with Miki!

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