E-Bridge Pre-School (116 Rivervale Drive)

1 Oct 2020

Painting with Blindfolds

To prepare for a ‘charity bazaar’ the children were invited to make a painting. They were blindfolded as they painted. Through this experience, it facilitates their understanding of how visually impaired people participate in activities such as creating their own artwork. At the same time, empathize with the challenges they faced compared to themselves.

The children were given a few options to create their paintings. One of the ways was to use masking tape to create shapes and patterns on their canvas before painting.

Most of them used the masking tape and explored different ways to make shapes and patterns on their canvas. They were meticulous and thought through their actions before placing the tape on the canvas. When they started painting, some of them would use their other free hand to feel around for where the canvas was, while others would just hope for the best and paint. The children told us the colours they wanted and some other friends would also assist them in making sure they did not paint on the table with instructions such as “Move up”, “Move down”, “Bigger strokes”, “Move to your left” and so on.

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