Bilbao Carel Grace Barbaton

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Kampong Chai Chee Blk 131 (CC)

Bilbao Carel Grace Barbaton
16 Oct 2021

Mooncakes for Our Frontliners

For our Start Small Dream Big journey this year, we decided to do a donation drive for our forntliners at Bedok Polyclinic. In line with our centre’s Mid-Autmn Festival Celebration last September, we asked our parents to bring mooncakes to be donated. 

We are thankful for the overwhelming  response and support from our parents.

Our children from the Nursery 2, Kindergaten 1 and Kindergarten 2 classes made some arts and crafts to be given to our frontliners respectively.

The Nursery 2 class doing expressing their creativity through colourful and cute drawings in their cards.

While the Kindergarten 1 class have written their words of  appreciation and gratitude in their cards.

And the Kinderfarten 2 children made some post-it notes and they placed it in a heart shaped board.

Due to covid regulations, we decided to let our centre’s staff deliver all the mooncake goodies and cards at Bedok Polyclinic. 

Principal Mamta, Ms Catherine and Teacher Hametha handed out our gifts of appreciation to the staff and frontliners of Bedok Polyclinic. Thank you for your hardwork and protecting us in this challenging times.

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