Iryani Binte Sawal

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Kebun Baru Blk 109 (CC)

Iryani Binte Sawal
16 Sep 2021

Little Hands Find Ways With Waste

The theme for this year SSDB is “Stay Connected, Making Difference”. In line with this, through many discussions and hands on sessions, the children learnt that making small changes in their daily lives can help to save the environment. 

In collaboration with F.Ar.mily, our children had the opportunity to recycle food waste and convert them into compost. The children learnt about the process of composting and used them as fertiliser towards growing plants in our school garden.

In short, the children were able to extend their help towards enriching the community garden and in turn allow them to inculcate a sustainable lifestyle.

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