25 Aug 2019

Little Hands can do big things

As we celebrate our Singapore’s 54th National Day, as well as the Bicentennial occasion, we would like to provide the opportunity for our children to be aware and do their part for the community. As our Centre is located at the void deck of 2 rental flats, our children are aware that there are people out there who do not have enough food to eat and are staying in rented flats.

We take the opportunity to educate our children to learn to care for them through their small acts of kindness by donating food to the needy residents as we celebrate the Nation’s Birthday. Their gifts maybe small but it will touch the hearts of the needy community among us.

The project was taken up by Kindergarten One and Two children.

The children brought home the message on the project to help the needy residents. Meanwhile, we also identified twenty-five needy families for this out-reach project.

Food donations came pouring in within a week and we had the children to sort out the food into 25 bags for the low-income, needy families. The children packed the food and goodies bags were ready on 29 July 2019.

They did a discussion and had role play on how they would greet the elderly and how they would hand the goodies bags to the elderly.

On 2 August, they were ready to deliver the goodies bags! Each of them carry a bag and they were divided into 2 groups to visit the elderly!

As our Centre promotes the Three Acts of Goodness - Do good things, Speak good words and Think good thoughts,  therefore we want our children to do something special to the people who need our help.

We hope this meaningful project will inspire the children to be more compassionate and contribute actively to the society as they grow up.

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