Lopez Citadel De Guzman

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Moulmein-Cairnhill Blk 10 (DS)

Lopez Citadel De Guzman
29 Sep 2021

Kindness Starts From Me!

This year, we are embarking on the “Start Small Dream Big 2021” project titled, “KINDNESS STARTS FROM ME!” This project focuses on teaching children, good behaviour and positive values.

How do we help our children to grow up to be the kind generation of the future? Well we start from young. The teacher integrates kindness lessons through storytelling using SKM puppets.

We teach the playgroup children, how to show respect and care for the living things around them through art and craft.

The teacher introduces a puppet show to the N1 children to inculcate the values of kindness, respect and the five magic words.

The N2 children learn the importance of showing kindness and appreciation to the people around them. They practise using the magic words at all times.

During Chinese lessons, our laoshi introduces “Xie xie” - “Thank you” to the K1 class in their music and movement lesson. This reinforces the awareness of positive words and behaviour.

The K2 children understand the significance of Kindness. It focuses on the act of showing respect to the people around them, community they belong to, and other living things surrounding them like plants and animals.

Through this project, our K2 children are able to share this knowledge with their peers in the form of recording journal, drawing and other literacy activities. We may be small, but we know we can do great things.

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