Ms Cheryl

Brilliant Tots @ Kelulut

Ms Cheryl
22 Sep 2022

Journalling our GREEN experiences

In this final story of how our little ones learn to care and protect our environment, our teachers did a follow up from the activities carried out by having the children document their learning experiences.

Journalling enables them to see the progress of their learning experiences as they discuss and share about it. Our young ones simply share and drew their observations (under the guidance of their teachers) while the kindergarten children drew and wrote about their little Green ideas on helping to protect and save the Earth! 

It was a very meaningful GREEN experience for them all indeed! 

And so, our Kelulut children plans to continue to contribute in little GREEN ways to protect our environment and all the greenery!

We hope that you guys will do the same too, because… 

EVERY LITTLE GREEN COUNTS!, And it starts from you!

Thank you!

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