E-Bridge Pre-School (116 Rivervale Drive)

29 Jul 2020

Introduction to Braille

As we delve further into our SSDB project, the children were introduced to how the Visually-Impaired read and learn, by using Braille. Prior to this, the children were introduced to Morse code and the Telegraph so when they saw the dots on the board, they pointed out that it looks similar. They were then told that the only difference is that Braille is tactile and written on embossed paper. The children were very intrigued and had a lot of questions to ask, for example, “How do they read?”, “Do they write it out?” and “Do all books have this?” All the questions posed were very good and despite of not being able to meet our fellow friends from SAVH through ZOOM in view of COVID-19, we will find out throughout this SSDB journey together. Through this discussion, the children were able to understand that some people are different and have various ways of learning and reading. This discussion also invoked some curiosities about other disabilities like those who are not able to speak or hear. We hope that through this project, the children will learn that despite their differences they are also capable of a lot of things.

The children also participated in making their own names in Braille out of clay. Although they were confused at first, they gradually were able to do it with the guidance of the Alphabet Braille Board as well as their friends.

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