Nur Izzah Zarifah Binte Ridwan

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Canberra Blk 413 (CC)

Nur Izzah Zarifah Binte Ridwan
25 Oct 2021

How Well Do We Know Singapore?

24,August 2021, 26 August 2021

In the spirit of National Day, we have dedicated our second session with Fei Yue (EIPIC) to the theme “Our Singapore”. 

The children danced together to ActiveSG workouts. All of them showed enthusiasm and danced really well!

Dancing to ActiveSG workouts

Afterwards, they participated in a fun trivia game titled “How Well Do You Know Singapore”. The children showed excellent sportsmanship throughout the game and cheered on for one another as they completed the game. Well done everyone!

Children participating in the “How Well Do We Know Singapore” trivia game

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