Kelly Chua

Appleland Playhouse

Kelly Chua
30 Jul 2021

Healthy Lifestyle - Stay Active

Being active helps children to build stronger muscles and bones. We hope to instill in them the importance of staying active and the benefits they get when they perform physical activities every day. In encouraging and engaging them using different and new ways to stay active indoors in school, we hope they will grow up healthy and will continue to take time to exercise and meet the required amount of physical activities even outside of school.

The Kindergarten Two children had a lot of fun during one of their video game workouts where they mimic the moves of the child who is in a virtual game and did physical movements like jumps, walking and jogging on the spot, squats, kicks and more.

Parents who struggle with children who like screen time at home can play exercise videos such as simple workouts, stretches or even video games workouts suitable for children to follow along to the moves. This way, the children will be happy to have their screen time and at the same time stay active. Why not join your child the next time and exercise with them to stay healthy and active together as a family!

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