Miss Teo

Good Shepherd Convent Kindergarten

Miss Teo
23 Nov 2020

(GSCKG) Healthy Ocean Healthy Us - Activity 3: Canvas painting on “The ocean that I like.”

The K2 children were excited to experience the use of canvas. The topic given to them was: “The ocean that I like.”. Through this canvas painting, the children will use their creativity and imagination to come out with their own unique ocean that they would like to have/see.

Before the children started this activity, they had shared their views on what would make the ocean beautiful. Some common responses from them were, “There must be many sea creatures.”, “It must be clean!” “No rubbish!” “Colourful fishes and corals.” Etc.

With their discussions and sharings, children started to draw out their ideas on the canvas and next, painting it with various colours and lastly to outline their drawings with markers. The children had enjoyed themselves throughout the activity and it had enabled them to reflect on how an ocean can be beautiful and clean with the interconnection between the ocean and humans.

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