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Caroline Anthony
24 Sep 2021

Fundraising and donations to the Singapore Zoo! (And the official adoption of Ah Meng)

In August, the children in Nursery 2, K1 and K2 have read the storybook ‘Little Otter, Litter Trouble’ and we talked about the importance of keeping the beaches and oceans clean and what effect rubbish might have on the animals living in the water. We put up new animals on our animal discovery wall, water dwellers like the smooth-coated otter, the dugong, the bamboo shark and the saltwater crocodile!

We received mail from the Singapore Zoo! In our process of adopting Ah Meng the orang-utan, the zookeeper had sent us a postcard, inviting us to ask any 5 questions about Ah Meng! The children in all classes came up with some interesting questions about Ah Meng, which we sent back to the zookeeper. And we then got mail back with all the answers! The children were so excited to learn more about Ah Meng!

Our project is coming to a close and the children have worked very hard to crate beautiful works of art for their auction, at which they raised funds for the Singapore Zoo and Wildlife Reserves Singapore and the adoption of Ah Meng the Orangutan!

They did a fantastic job presenting their artworks to their families and all families have made very generous contributions to the project to support WRS and everything they do for Singapore Wildlife. Our donation will benefit the animals at the zoo, which is especially important with the reduced number of visitors this and last year due to COVID-19.

The children raised an amazing $950 in total! On 22 September 2021, Teacher Ava and Teacher Eileen went to hand over our symbolic cheque to the zoo, and received the official adoption certificate for Ah Meng! We visited Ah Meng at her exhibit at the zoo. We hope all involved children will be visiting Ah Meng at the zoo with their families when possible!

During our visit to the zoo, as a token of gratefulness and appreciation to all donations received, Wildlife Reserves Singapore have given a set of books for every single child involved in Nursery 2, Kindergarten 1 and Kindergarten 2. As well as 3 sets of guide books for the classroom libraries.

A huge thank you goes out to all the children in N2, K1 and K2 who contributed to our project, as well as their families who have supported our project and donated very generously!

Our Start Small, Dream Big project 2021 has now come to and end, however, our collaboration with Wildlife Reserves Singapore continues, and WRS will continue to be our close partner!

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