Clarice Dagdag

E-Bridge Pre-School (217 Compassvale Drive)

Clarice Dagdag
22 Jun

EBridge@217 Compassvale SSDB 2022: “E-Bridge Kids Meet E-Friends”

E-Bridge (217) Compassvale is pleased to announce the launch of our SSDB 2022 project, ‘E-Bridge Kids Meet E-Friends.’

On June 1st, the children began their journey with the launch of our campaign and had a great time filling their goodie bags.

In the coming weeks, the children will participate in a variety of activities that will assist them in developing a deeper understanding and awareness outside of their community. This project also aims to foster relationships and collaborations with other children in the community.

We hope that by the end of our project, our little ambassadors will be able to express their gratitude and compassion to other children through the act of giving.

Keep an eye out for more updates on our little ambassadors’ adventures!

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