Bitang Maria Giselle Candole

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Fengshan Blk 115 (CC)

Bitang Maria Giselle Candole
12 Sep 2020

Differently-Abled Simulation Activity

The K1 children actively participated in a simulation activity to experience some of the challenges that our visually- impaired peers may be experiencing.

In this activity, children worked in pairs to get through a maze. One person from each pair was blinfolded and the other person waited at the end of the maze and gave verbal instructions.

The children learned to maximise their sense of hearing and developed a sense of trust with their partners. Not only that, it also helped them realise the importance of taking care of their eyes as well as admire our visually-impaired peers for their strength in overcoming the daily challenges that they encounter because of their disability.

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