Carol Guo Meiqi

Cherie Hearts Justkidz Pte. Ltd.

Carol Guo Meiqi
31 Jul 2020

Designing care packs for our healthcare workers

‘Once upon a time, Cherie Hearts Justkidz went on a journey to find a meaningful way of giving back to their community ever since the tragedy of COVID-19 hit their kingdom. Hence, they stumbled upon a pixie village known as ‘Start Small, Dream Big’. Cherie Hearts Justkidz shared their small dreams with all the pixies to turn it into a big reality and the dream went something like this;

“Dear wonderful people of this kingdom, As we all know, the kingdom and many others have been struck with a tragedy of COVID-19 and there are knights who are doing their best in maintaining health safety for the kingdom. Therefore we have proposed to give back to the knights of our kingdom by presenting them a little something”

In this care package, it will consist of apples, a photo frame consisting of an art work and terrarium proudly done by our beautiful children of the school and a heartfelt handmade card to thank the people from our kingdom polyclinic-Pioneer Polyclinic, for their selfless act towards the difficult times when the outbreak was at its peak. 

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