Appleland Montessori Childcare Centre

14 Nov 2020

Deepavali Celebration with a difference

Due to the pandemic of COVID19, siblings get to take photo together (with mask on and mask off) while those without siblings take individual photo (with mask and without mask). 

The Teachers put up displays of Indian costumes and the food eaten during Deepavali e.g. Murukku, delicacies (sweets), ladoo etc. 

The children were excited to see the displayed items (get to try some of the costumes and touch them to feel the materials), smell the jasmine garland, see and touch the mango leaves that Hindus use to hand at their doorway for good luck, and taste some of the yummy dishes the teachers had put up. 

It was a wonderful experience for the children as we only have a child who is a Hindu in the centre. 

Via watching videos played, the children were able to understand better as to how and why the Hindu celebrate Deepavali also known as the Festival of Lights. 

Teachers and children all dressed up for the celebration. It had been a rewarding day for the teachers as they see the joy in each child that came to the display area to learn more about Deepavali ❤️.

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