E-Bridge Pre-School (116 Rivervale Drive)

6 Oct 2020

Conclusion of our SSDB Project

Thank you parents for making the instruments with the children for our fellow friends at Singapore Association of Visually Handicapped (SAVH). They were beautiful and the children were very proud of it. As we began packing to send it off to SAVH, some of the children thought it was a good idea to make them a card, The children came up with a sentence to put in the card and then write it down with reference to the patterns of the braille. Hayden also provided the idea that we could use the small pompom balls to make the braille in the card.

The children would write down the sentence with reference to the braille and then help to put the pompom balls together to create the sentence.

Together with the centre leader, we went to deliver the instruments, card and a total of $300 raised by parents through a charity bazaar.

We finally met with some representatives from SAVH. It has been a meaningful learning journey for children, families and teachers. We are looking forward to continuing to collaborate more projects with them in the future.

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