Ms Joanna Lim Mei Lyng

Cherie Hearts Kidz Campus

Ms Joanna Lim Mei Lyng
2 Oct 2020

Cherie Hearts Kidz Campus @ Pasir Ris Elias Mall - Event : “Singapore Kindness Movement” on 8 Spetember 2020 (Tuesday) and 18 September 2020 (Friday)

This year’s Kindness Day SG (KDSG) fell on 22 May 2020. Due to COVID-19, so we celebrated on 8 September 2020 (Tuesday) and 18 September 2020 (Friday) during our term break.

SKM provide KDSG package materials for us to conduct the activities. The KDSG package contains Kindness Month Wall Decal Pack, Cubbies at the Park Big Book, Day & Night Cubbies Magnetic Board, Quiet Hours Jigsaw Puzzles, Magic Words Posters, and Colour with Water Kindness Activity.

These activities encourage pre-schoolers to show care and appreciation to others, as encompassed in the social and emotional development domain in Nurturing Early Leaners’ Framework.

“Let see what cubbies are doing at the park.”- Kindergarten 2

“Do you still remember who are the Kindville cubbies?”

“I know what activities we can do in the day.”

“We cannot make so much noise at night, and these are different types of activities we can do at night.”

“Say “You’re welcome” when someone say thank you.”

“Say “Excuse Me” before interrupting others.”

“We alway use these 5 magic words: “Thank You”; “You’re Welcome”; “Excuse Me”; “Please”; and “Sorry”.

“We are completing “Play Quietly at Night” puzzle.”

“Yeah, we work together and complete the puzzle.”

“I will be gentle with the paper when I am painting like how I be gentle and considerate towards the feelings of others as well.”

On 18 September 2020 (Friday), we colour and write some messages for grandparents on “Celebrating Our Grands” postcard.

“I want to write to my family members to remind them about being kind to one another.”

“I show respect and I love them.”

“I show concern and I care for them.”

“I love you grandpa and grandma.”

K1 children role playing different scenario using 5 magic words posters.K1 and K2 children engaged in the water colouring activity.

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