Sunflower Preschool @ Frankel

27 Sep

An Inclusive Initiative for Different Abilities! Update on Sunflower @ Frankel’s SSDB journey...

We are honoured to be able to invite Ms Siti from Metta School for a live Zoom interview session with our children on 28 Aug! Metta School (慈光学校) offers special education to students with Mild Intellectual Disability (MID) and to children who have Autism (ASD), aged between 7 to 21 years. Our K1s and K2s had the opportunity to post questions that help them to understand better about children with special needs. Ms Siti also explained to the children what is autism and shared photos of Metta school premises and activities conducted. Once again we would like to thank Ms Siti and Metta school for this enriching learning experience for our children!

Through ‘Start Small Dream Big’, our children are encouraged to use their own resources and creativity to give back to society, and in the process, instil the spirit of giving and good values such as care for others, humility, kindness and compassion. As our children continue to embark on this journey toward inclusiveness, let’s walk the talk and show our support too for an inclusive community.

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