Divya Devi

Little Footprints Preschool (Punggol 107)

Divya Devi
18 Apr

2024 SSDB Project - Little Helping Hand at the Sengkang Public Library

Introduction to the Start Small Dream Big Project (SSDB)

We commenced the SSDB project together with the children by brainstorming through ideas on what we can do for this project. We incorporated all our ideas into a mindmap and made the decision for the best idea through voting. Through their voting, the children displayed their interest in volunteering to share about delightful stories through book reviews. As a place that the children frequented and cherished visiting, we established that collaborating with Sengkang Public Library was the way to go! 

The children begin drafting out their book reviews based on their favourite choice of stories. They were very enthusiastic about sharing their book reviews with everyone.

Let the journey begin! The children were prepared to head on to the Sengkang Public Library with their book reviews. We decided to embark on this journey by taking the bus. The children waited eagerly for the arrival of the bus. “Where are you, Bus 83? Let’s go!”

Our first time together on the public bus, it is so exciting!

We have arrived! We were very pleased to have the parents join us in the sharing session at the Sengkang Public Library. The children were very eager to meet the librarians and share their book reviews. They children greeted the librarians warmly and with happy, smiling faces. They were thrilled to read out their reviews to all share about the delightful stories.

The children and their parents helped the librarians to display their book reviews in the children’s section. We were thankful and appreciative for all the help and guidance given to us by the librarians as we bid them goodbye.

Upon our return to school, the children had a reflective session during which they shared that they were enjoyed visiting the library and were elated to be able to share their favourite stories with everyone. They would definitely love to visit the library again to immerse themselves in the land of more intriguing stories!

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