Siti Hamidah

Little Atlas Preschool

Siti Hamidah
15 May

2020: A Year to Appreciate

What a year it has been for our Little Innovators!

Five months into the semester, the teachers, administrators and children have definitely shown resilience and develop a deep appreciation for our front line workers, healthcare professionals and most importantly, we learnt to appreciate each other. During this pandemic, we realise that our overall well-being is truly based on the relationships we have with others!

In the beginning of 2020, we were faced with an unprecedented phenomena— SARS-CoV-2, also known as Covid-19. We realised how deeply imbedded this phenomena was as we overhear our Little Innovators talking about it.

Therefore, we kickstarted our Start Small Dream Big (SSDB) Project on 24 February 2020, with the overarching theme on ‘Appreciation’. Through this project, we wish to not only observe how we can inculcate this important value of appreciation in our children, but we also wish to investigate what matters most to children.

We held a discussion with our children, to talk about what they understand about Covid-19. The children shared that germs and viruses are everywhere and that it is important they do not touch dirty surfaces, their faces and put things into their mouths. A child shared, ‘Coronavirus are from bats.’ Another child shared, ‘We must wash are hands every day.’ Another child shared, ‘Yes, we must wash for 18 minutes.’ The teacher corrected the misinformation and shared with the children that it is important to check their facts with others.

The teacher enquired on the effects of viruses and bacteria. Most of the children were able to share that viruses and bacteria can cause people to be sick. A child said, ‘Virus are very small monsters that you cannot see. You must use a magnifying glass to see it.’ A child shared, ‘If we are sick, we must go to the doctor.’ Another child reminded the others, ‘Ouh. And please wear a mask okay? Later, you make other people sick how?’ The teacher also taught the children the proper use and disposal of surgical masks. A child volunteered to do a handwashing demonstration and shared, ‘The germs and virus will die if we use soap.’

They also watched a video of healthcare and frontline workers who also wear personal protective equipment (PPE). They noticed that their PPE consisted of more things like goggles, gown and a cap. A child asked, ‘Why she wear like that?’ Another child replied, ‘Because she must protect herself from the virus.’ The teacher clarified that only healthcare workers are required to wear them as they come into contact with patients who are sick. A child asked, ‘Can the nurse go home?’, which led to another child to remark, ‘Huh, how come they cannot go home? Is it because she must always take care of the sick person?’.

They shared some ideas and thoughts about how to show their love and appreciation for them. ‘We can paint them a rainbow?’, ‘A flower?’, and ‘I think we can do many things. Do you know what the nurse will like?’.

The teachers presented the children’s token of appreciation to the National Centre for Infectious Diseases (NCID) to Ms Marion, on 28th February 2020.

Stay tuned to see more of our Little Innovators’ journey in their ongoing quest of self-discovery and meaning-making.

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