PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Zhenghua Blk 455A (KN)

Block 455A Segar Road, Segar Meadows, #01-01
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Different concept

PCF Zhenghua Blk 455A adopts a central curriculum. However, their learning environment is highly different from the other PCF as they adopt a high scope learning space approach. The centre’s classes run concurrently and it requires flexibility for smooth transitions. Instead of having all the lessons in one classroom, the children will go to different classrooms for different lessons to meet the 6 learning domains. The children will get to spend 45minutes in each class.

This centre also uses technology to teach and guide the students. For instance, the centre has got interactive boards in almost every classroom. Children can get to draw directly on the interactive boards, watch and listen to stories as well as play interactive games. Children also use Ipad to search for information and may use software and games to enhance their learning. IT is a modern trend and it is most likely something that will be of use in future. Hence PCF Zhenghua Blk 455A exposes the children to technology and tap on the goodness of technology to benefit the children. In addition the centre is currently using “Miss Twinkle”, an animation series based on different theme and topics. By watching these animation, it expands the children’s knowledge said the teacher.


PCF Zhenghua Blk 455A collaborates with many different organizations to enhance a child’s learning journey at the centre. They collaborate with NLB, Molly library bus, Community centre and other PCF centres.

Molly library bus will come to the centre each term and allow the children to go up the bus to read or borrow books. NLB will send story books to the centre which will fit the theme of the lessons the teacher will teach. This adds on to the teaching material and expands the children’s knowledge of the lesson. PCF Zhenghua Blk 455A has the Joy of Reading program whereby the children will go to PCF in Choa Chu Kang in the afternoon for story telling sessions. “This aims to cultivate the interest and habit of reading,” said the teacher. Collaboration with the community centre allows the centre to use the community centre’s facilities. For instance, they are able to use the cooking room for baking, borrow books from the library there as well as usage of the hall to practice for concert. PCF Zhenghua Blk 455A also collaborates with the neighbourhood police. The police officers will give talks and demonstrations and the children even got to sit in the policemen’s car. Last but not least, PCF Zhenghua Blk 455A collaborates with the community. The community groups come together to put up games, sports, events and snacks. All these were done to put up a carnival for the children. “Everyone come together to make it happen for the children,” explained the teacher.

Level of classes available

The centre is one of the few PCF that offers Pre-nursery classes other than the Nursery, K1 and K2 classes. Pre-nursery class is for children from 30 months of age onwards. These children will get a jump start in education as they learn simple literacy and numeracy through songs and activities. In addition, K1 and K2 classes are 5 hours every day instead of 4 hours.

Communication with parents

Each class has their own facebook group and parents are invited into the group where they will receive regular newsletters as well as photo, video updates on their children. Parents would also be able to feedback and comment instantly. PCF Zhenghua Blk 455A makes use of technology to create a bond between the teachers and parents and to share news and updates of the children.

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