PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Sengkang South Blk 443 (KN)

Block 443 Fernvale Road, #01-4
Principal: Johana Christopher
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Integrated Learning

PCF SengKang West Blk 443 provides a holistic integrated approach in developing the students. The centre encourages more hands-on activities for the students such as project work. Project work is done based on their theme during the term. The students will then share about their interest in the theme. Shared values are learnt doing projects. Students practice teamwork, where they share their ideas and thoughts and work together to come to a conclusion. Respect, is another important value as it teaches the students the way to work together as a group without falling out with each other. And lastly, responsibility; students are given responsibilities to fulfil their tasks to complete their project. All these values are vital in developing the students as it helps in preparing the students' future endeavour.

Parents’ involvement is also vital in their child's development. "PCF SengKang West Blk 443 hopes to build rapport with parents and nurture the students to their fullest potential," said Ms Lee Ai Li Cinnie, the Principal. The students will bring back homework which requires to be done with their parents. This allows them to have more bonding sessions.

Enrichment Lessons

PCF SengKang West Blk 443 offers external Enrichment Lessons such as Fun Gymnastics, Music, and Speech & Drama. These lessons provide more hands-on activities for the students which allow them to have fun while learning new skills. Besides learning new skills, it also improves their creativity as they come up with different ideas.

The centre also conducts Little Chef and Lego Education during curriculum. Little Chef is a cooking class for the students to learn how to cook basic food/beverages. This allows the students to learn the basic culinary skills as well which can be useful in future. Lego Education is where students use Lego to learn while playing. Lego Education is integrated into Math where the students practice counting.

Enrichment Lessons provides a more focused learning for the students in PCF SengKang West Blk 445 as they work on their Motor-Skills Development. These lessons also enhance their language and role-play, which prepares them for their future.

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