PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Macpherson Blk 108 (kn)

Block 108 Aljunied Cres, #01-3
Principal: Radziah Bte Junan
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A curriculum to nurture creative thinkers and communicators

The curriculum used at PCF MacPherson Blk 108 is developed in-house by the staff. It is thematic based and is carried out through large group learning complemented by well-set up learning corners.

Based on the theme, teachers designed activities that are interesting and effective to teach the related concepts. Appropriate materials are made available in the learning corners to encourage children to explore and learn more about the theme and the concepts taught. There is a system to ensure that children get a chance to use all the corners within a week.

Computer activities are also made available through the use of tablet to reinforce such learning.

Time is set aside each day before dismissal, for a reflective session. Children get the opportunity to share something with their friends for that day. They could share about something they have drawn or about their feelings or anything they feel comfortable to share with their peers. This aims to encourage children to speak up in front of a group and also helps to develop children’s oral skills.

Programmes to nurture readers

The centre works with MOE for the “Books Alive” programme. Anchor books are made available for the teachers to read with the children. After that, children will go through interesting activities designed by the teachers, to reinforce what they have learnt from the books. Follow-up books are made available in the reading corners for the children to read at their own time.

Children were put through workshops on Speech & Drama by Centre Stage School of Arts and teachers were trained on how to conduct reading sessions for children.

Sight words from these books are also displayed clearly in the class to help children remember and use them.

Besides this programme, the centre also collaborates with the National Library Board on the DEAR (Drop everything and read) programme. Teachers bulk-borrow theme-related books from the NLB and children can bring these books home to read with their parents.

Chinese readers are also introduced to the children. The Chinese language teacher also compiles her self-made comic story books for the children to read.

The reading corner in each class is big, bright and inviting with books neatly laid out on the shelves for the children to choose from. Cushions and comfortable mats are provided for the children to sit and read.

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PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Macpherson Blk 108 (kn)

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