PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Woodgrove Blk 899b (kn)

Block 899b Woodlands Drive 50,
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Extension to the curriculum

Besides going through the regular curriculum, children in this centre has extended learning through the following programmes implemented by this centre:

Music Toolbox

This interesting music course is conducted by an external vendor together with the centre teachers for Nursery, K1 and K2 children. Children learn how to read and use simple music scores, listen to music and play percussion instruments like drums, shaker and resonator bar as they progress through the different lessons and stages of the course.

This programme aims to instil in the children a love for music and to promote creativity, sense of rhythm and movement.

Reading and Phonic programmes

Teachers are trained by an external vendor on how to use Jolly Phonics to teach phonics to children. With this knowledge, they help the children in the centre learn, through weekly lessons, the sounds of the alphabet and how to blend these sounds to form words. Children will learn sight words and reading through this programme.

The centre may work with the National Library Board to loan books to the centre and conduct activities and reading programme for the children in 2013.

Computer Learning Programme

Computer activities designed by A-Star are integrated into the curriculum, enabling K1 and K2 children to reinforce their literacy, numeracy and Phonics skills.

Field Trips

Field trips are organised to complement what the children are learning in the curriculum. Such trips give children the opportunity to experience and see the real-life context of what they have been learning in the curriculum. For example, Nursery and K1 children were brought to the Land Transport Authority Gallery to view and learn more about transport from the past, present and future in Singapore. They also got a glimpse of some of the Mega Projects in Global Cities.

K2 children were brought to the Republic of Singapore Air Force Museum. Besides learning about History of Aviation, they also learn how RSAF developed from the past into an advanced, modern and well equipped Air Force.

Nursery children also went to eXplorerkid where they learn and develop their motor skills through the various play stations. There is a possibility that children can get to visit a SCDF Fire Station next year to learn more about their operations, fire-fighting equipment and the fire-engines.

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