PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Telok Blangah Blk 2 (kn)

Block 2 Dover Rd, #01-342
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PCF Telok Blangah Blk 2 is located in the homely neighbourhood of Dover Estate for 20 years. The centre has been SPARK accredited in February 2012.

Specialized Music Curriculum

Music promotes Aesthetic and Creative expression in children and appears as another outlet for children to channel their emotions and energy. Children are given different instruments to try their hands on, and perhaps provide opportunities for them to find their avocation. Music covers a range of genres and provides a way for children to create and explore different possibilities of tone and arrangement, thus promote higher order thinking skills and creativity. By exposing the children to music, they grasp perceptual thinking and gain insights into past and present cultural heritage as well as how music can be a therapeutic outlet for everyone. Children who have difficulty remembering words have been said to learn better through song, hence music is played for them to sing along and enjoy learning new words. At the centre, Nursery classes have music lessons 1hour per week while K1 and K2 classes have it 1.5 hours per week, taught by a specialised aesthetic teacher.

Unique Activities for a Holistic Education

In the centre’s effort to raise environmental awareness, the Kindergarten 2 classes embarked on a recycling project where used spectacles and uniforms were reused. Many hand-made recycling bins are also spotted around each classroom at the centre to promote the recycling of materials. Children learn the proper separation of waste disposals and how they can play a part to save the environment. And as part of the centre’s approach to holistic education, hands-on cooking classes are held at the centre once a month. These lessons give the children insight on basic cooking skills and they get to learn more about different ingredients to use for a particular dish. These invaluable practical skills will be beneficial for the children as they progress into the next phase of their learning journey.

Outdoor Space

The nearby Multipurpose Hall and playground is used during Games Day for sports activities. This area is also utilized for Music and Movement lessons for the children to dance and learn through play. It is also an appropriate area to conduct fire drills. The centre is also looking into developing the outdoor space to suit the needs of the children. In partnership with the Community Centre, PCF Telok Blangah Blk 2 also has access to the garden.


During Children’s Day 2012, the centre had partnership with an art company, Playseum. Under the caring guidance of the staff, the children got to experience art session that showed them different ways of expressing themselves which has helped to build up children’s confidence.

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PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Telok Blangah Blk 2 (kn)

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