PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Serangoon Blk 125 (kn)

Block 125 Serangoon North Ave
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Speech and Drama

Through role playing, the children in this centre are able to use vebal and body movements as an avenue to express themselves. This is done in small groups by a specially trained teacher from Julia Gabriels. Form teachers would take charge of half the class whiles the other half attend the special speech and drama lesson. This will then be reversed to allow both groups of students to benefit from the small class size. The highlight of the Speech and Drama class is the Circle Time. Students each bring an item from home and share with their classmates the significance of the object. They also take the opportunity to share their experiences.

Drama lessons also incorporate the use of music and rhythm. Students are encouraged to hear a piece of music and act out a scene.< p>

Music Tool Box

Students are taught how to read notes, feel the beats and listen to the rhythm. They also have the opportunity to learn various music instruments

Field Trips

At this centre, field trips are thematic and also takes a cue from the Speech and Drama classes. Students get to experience a live theatre musical yearly. This includes local productions from Act 3. A recent field trip to Pasta Mania to learn about dough making, shows how innovative this centre is.

Computer Base Learning

Students use the internet as a way to search for pictures to supplement their lessons. In fact, parents also join in the fun by helping their kids to search for such pictures and store them in the child’s own thumb drive. These pictures helps the child prepare their own newsletter which is done every term.

Parents Support

Parents have a close partnership with the centre. When a policy needs to be updated, parents are given voting power to aid in the decision process. There is also a strong parents support group which provides help during schools events like field trips and concerts.


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PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Serangoon Blk 125 (kn)

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