PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Radin Mas Blk 70a (kn)

Block 70a Redhill Close, #07-0
Principal: Ms Masoothumeeral
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Fantastic Facilities

PCF Radin Mas 70A is the only centre in Singapore located on the 7th floor of a car park. There is a lift lobby to bring visitors to the centre’s door step. Right around the corner, is a children’s playground amidst the lush greenery of the car park’s rooftop garden. The children at the centre frequent the backdoor garden to explore and enhance their interest in nature. School field trips include excursions to the nearby park.

The Centre’s Central Curriculum

The centre uses the interactive software, Ednoland, to promote a systematic process of thinking and problem solving through technology. Ednoland covers topics such as Science & Technology, Phonics & Reading, Chinese Word Recognition and many more. The children have educational computer lessons for an hour, once a week.

Language and enunciation skills are the foundation of every child’s education. The centre utilizes the FixRoy Phonics guide to teach the basic pronunciations. Teachers would use Flash Cards and Task Cards as well in the Language and Literacy Corner to spark the children’s interest in learning more. Also, the centre has a scheme which allows the children to bring home a book on Friday to read, thus they would recognize reading as a meaningful activity worth setting aside time for.

Motor Skills Development focuses to develop the physical aspects of a child. Activities help the child with their progressive motor skills and teach children how to plan and solve problems strategically. The centre has a spacious outdoor area and playground to conduct outdoor MSD activities. The children play sports and games suited for their level, such as beanbag racing twice a week.

Children are exposed to different art media to express themselves through art & crafts. The teachers use different mediums of material and craft techniques to enhance the child’s bright ideas and imaginative juices. For example, the children cut and paste recycled materials to form different shapes and objects. In one activity, the children’s outstanding art works were entered into a Colouring Contest during the Lantern Festival 2012.

Upcoming enrichment programs

The centre is looking towards providing Arts and Crafts enrichment, to further develop their aesthetics and creative expression. These Arts Education classes will be conducted in small groups and take on an innovative learning approach where the children are asked to describe pictures and articulate their thoughts about various art pieces.

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