PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Radin Mas Blk 108 (KN)

Block 108 Bukit Purmei Rd, #01-105
Principal: Ho Lai Mei
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The teachers are enthusiastic about the lessons, which bring about a hearty response from the students. Throughout the day, students are reminded to drink plenty of water, to ingrain a healthy habit. The centre believes in allowing children to learn through play-based activities to facilitate a happy learning journey.

Curriculum in motion

Music lessons are carried out daily, with students having their hands on percussion instruments such as tambourines. Music theory and movement gets students on their feet to sing and dance along to the beat, getting them to appreciate music and learn fundamental concepts of rhythm, harmony and tempo. The wide range of instruments provided gives them an array of choices to rotate and play around with every week.

Motor Skills Development is one of the core modules at the centre too. The nearby basketball court is utilized as a playing field for the children during MSD lessons. Relay races, skipping rope and ball games are a few of such games played to incorporate teamwork, confidence and self-esteem in the students.

Trained personnel from Ms Ong’s Centre were invited to teach students a new creative skill of Wax Drawing. The artwork was entitled “Wax Resist”. Students were free to let their imaginations run wild and create designs of their own, following which, the work was proudly displayed on the grills of the centre walls for all to admire. When they see the finished art piece they completed themselves, they feel a sense of achievement and satisfaction, thus improve a student’s self-esteem.

Language and Literacy is another core module taught at the centre. Reading Bee programme where each child has a reading book to read everyday along with the teacher and learn the grammar and syntax in the book. Arranged for the Mobile Library such as Molly Mini Bus bY NLB for children to experience library on the move . For students who require extra help in English, ProFLAiR helped these children in smaller group in reading and listenng.

Fieldtrips and Excursions

Following a thematic approach, Nursery students and Kindergarteners will go on fieldtrips related to what they have learnt in class. For example, during the “animals” theme this semester, students were brought to the Singapore Zoo to experience being up close with wildlife that they had previously only seen on flashcards and television. These learning journeys give students a welcome break from the classroom and appeal to varied learning styles, helping students to understand whether they are visual, auditory or kinetic learners. The students are not only exposed to a new environment, but have the opportunity to spark new interests and passions.

Parent-Teacher Communication

Teachers here welcome meeting parents to better understand them, their child and how they will support the education of their child. Any questions with regards to the child’s progress can be addressed and this helps open the lines of communication. Every term we have home projects where the parent will work with their child at hime a creative items using  recyclable materials related to the theme of the term. Children will present their items in "Show & Tell" in the classroom to their peers. Mothers were invited to participate in the baking of biscuits or cakes in the classroom for certain events eg Mother's Day, Neigbourhood Day.

Community Partnership

Community partnership with agencies such as HPB, PUB, NEA, Singapore Kindness Movement, Singapore Physical Disabilities (SPD), Singapore Coomunity Chest and Singapore Children's Society..  Children became more aware of what are happening in their environment with their involvement.  They learned to show respect and care for the enviroment  The right social behaviour like showing appreciation to one another although we are of different races, religion and culture and whowing empahty to the less fortunate people around them.  


The centre achieved SPARK in Feb 2016 amd was selected for the Innovation Guidance Project - Magnetism A in 2016. Centre was awarded the "Kindness Movement" certificate by Singapore Kindness Movement in 2015 & 2016 and the  "Health Promoting Pre-school (HPPS)" by HPB in 2017.

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